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Mariner 3S

We are the exclusive distributor for the company, 3S Systemtechnik AG of Switzerland, the renowned manufacturer of the range of Mariner 3S robotic swimming pool cleaner which has been proven to be very popular and is being widely used in Europe, America, Australia and parts of Asia

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Navigator II

The State of Art

The pool cleaner mariner 3S Navigator II has an exclusive electronic compass. This enables it to use the most effective procedure even along the length of the pool. This allows a logical, whole-area and fast cleaning of adventure pools: fully automatic, in all pools independent of their shape, depth and fixtures. It can clean an Olympic-size pool in just 2 hours.

  • Uncompromisingly clean
    fast rotating special brushes, two pumps with a capacity of 1,200 litres per minute.
  • Self-surfacing
    the cleaning robot surfaces by itself and can be started up easily on the side of overflow edges
  • User-friendly and safer
    transport trolley, easy to view control unit, CE checked, safety extra-low voltage < 30 volt
  • Time delayed operation
    for automatic cleaning overnight
  • Reliable and durable
    the mariner 3S navigator II is designed for heavy duty, daily application and has a very long service life
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  • Durable cartridges
    1.25 m2 highly efficient filter surface ensures top quality
  • Optimal dirt removal
    No smearing rotating cleaning rollers at the front and back.
  • Optimised fluid mechanics
    Better cleaning performance thanks to flow optimisation.
  • Remove control
    The remote control of the mariner 3S clubliner is intuitive to use.
  • Practical transport trolley
    The transport trolley is supplied with the clubliner by default.
  • Wall cleaning
    The pool walls can also be cleaned.

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